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About this wiki

This site is operated by the same git who runs, and is set up to allow people with better expository skills to pontificate endlessly on the subtleties of bingo machine operational theory, maintenance, repair, and destruction.

If you plodded through the babble posted on the bingo site, and have no clue what it all means...or want to take a crack at explaining it in your version of english, sign up for an account and write up a case or two.

If any kind of critical mass is shown, maybe all the theory stuff on the other site will move here and people can help make it comprehensible.

Editing Policy

This is a wiki...anyone with an account can edit just about anything. This can lead to some disagreements. The rule will be that whoever created the page has the final say over edits. They can re-edit or even remove changes made by someone else.

There is one exception to I reserve the right to override everyone and make any changes I please to insure the clarity standards are lowered enough to approximate the main bingo site.