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Getting help

Use the main bingo site feedback form.

Creating a new page - account required!

Just enter the url:

and append the title you want on the page (spaces are ok) after the = sign. You'll get a thing saying the page doesn't exist, and you can click a link to edit/create it.  e.g. Connections - A Frequent Problem

Then, copy/paste the page template below into the edit box and go to it.

Standard page template

Below is the current page template. cut-n-paste everything into a new page and edit as appropriate, replacing the stuff in <>'s.

| game=<name of game with problem>
| app=<game type applicabl to - screen,magic squares,magic lines, mystic lines,6 card,3 card,other,most,etc>
| source=<your name>
| problem=<short problem description>
| fix=<confirmed / not confirmed>

= Background =

<put background info on the game type as it relates to the problem> 

= Analysis =

<how you approached solving the problem, with reference to schem if applicable> 

= Inspection Debug Procedure =

<if applicable, steps taken to isolate/solve the problem that didn't require a meter> 

= Voltmeter Debug Procedure =

<if applicable, steps taken to isolate/solve the problem that used a meter> 

= Solution =

<the resolution, if any> 


Notice at the bottom is the category to display the link in on the main page. For now, the categories are just 'General' and 'Magic Screen Games'. I'll create more as needed (e.g. 'Magic Square Games', '6 Card Games', etc).

Rathole (sidebar box)

If you want to add a rathole box, the code looks like:

|text=the text
| width= defaults to 30%
| bg= background color.  defaults to #eeeeee
| float= left,right,none.  defaults to right

Floating the rathole box leftor right makes the text wrap around it. float-none just bungs the rathole below.

Basic rathole with default values:


A big rathole:



Use the "upload file" link at the bottom of the page to upload/xfer an image to the site...and remember what you called it and pay attention to the upload results page in case it was renamed. Make sure you specify the extension (.jpg, .png, etc).

Then use one of:


Use the thumb thing for big images you want to scale down to a thumbnail, the 400px number is the width the thumbnail image. Make it what you want.

If your image doesn't need a thumbnail (it's small enough to just show full-sized), use the second form.

The left/right/none keywords float the image in that direction. Change it to what you want.

The filename can contain spaces, and should be the exact string as displayed on the upload page.  Note the software has the irritating habit of changing case on the first letter, and filenames are case-sensitive.

Placing image in a scrollable div

This lets you put a large image on the page with scrollbars so people can pan around in it. May or may not be a pita. It's implemented as a template who's syntax is:

|image= image filename
|width= width of outside div.  defaults to 100%.  Use px if you want to
|height= height of the image portion of the div.  defaults to 400px
|caption= text bunged below the image.  Makes the outer div taller

example letting width default.  It may be easier to read when formatted like above:

{{Scrollimage:image=foo.jpg|height=500px|caption=this is an example}}

width, height and caption are optional.

Wiki markup

See wikitext quick reference